Here you find actual activities and related documents from EAA and partners:

   2013-05-08  ERAC Meeting, Basel          

   2013-04-25  GA Ass. Coordination meeting, Pre-GA SSCC Sub-Committee

   2013-04-23  Draft Commission Regulations Item 5.3 (216/2008)          

   2013-04-23  Final Draft Art. 65 (216/2008)  

   2013-04-20  SSCC terms draft           

   2013-04-16  Presentation State Aids by Mr. Alexis  

   2013-04-13  ERAC nomination SSCC and sub-comms

  2012-03-29  Questionnaire Art. 62, Pierre Moreillon, SAA for ERAC

  2012-07-30  ERAC position paper State Aids

  2012-06-06  ERAC cover letter State Aids        

   2011-06-06  Guidelines Financing Airports, ERAC statement                   

   2010-06-09  Activity report EAA                         

   2009-04-16  GASR meeting Istanbul, IDRF report   

  2008-02-14  Participation on an European INTERREG IIIC project